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Elk Call Sounds MP3 Ringtones

For Electronic caller or smartphone

Enjoy the Bugling Bull Elk or the seductive call of the cow elk.  Enjoy these MP3 ringtones on your cell phone or download to your electronic game calling devise.  These are the calls I have used to call in hundreds of bulls, they will work for you too.  Enjoy the majestic sound of a bull in a meadow surrounded by his harem. Or the seductive lone cow looking to mate. All the elk sounds that you will need to draw in the bull of a lifetime. (* You can use your smartphone as a game caller just use a battery powered speaker and you have a electronic Elk Caller!) 

Here are the calls that will seal the deal, these are the calls that I use!

  Big Bull 
  Mr. Chuckles 
  Spike Bull 
  Lost Calf
  Cow Call 
  Excited Cow   
  Estrus Whine 
  Several Cows  
  Heard of Elk
  Bull with Cows  
  Location Call    
  Challenge Call  
  Estrus Cow with Spike.

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